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Duplicate or Lost Titles

If a title is lost or destroyed, Fastback Title Service will help you obtain a certified copy of title.


Repossession Titles

A repossession title will do two things for you. First, this new title will only have your name on it, as the lender, and the name of the borrower will be removed. Second, it will allow you to sell the vehicle and recover the cost of the loan.


Dealer Titles

Get a fresh title as a dealer to make the transferring of the title easier on your customer and in case you would lose the title later on. Dealer titles will get the title of the car in your Dealership’s name to make the title transfer process easy.


Liens On Your Vehicle

After you finish paying off your car, Kansas is an e-title state so they will need a copy of the lien release to process your title to you. We can help take that lien release to the state to get you your title or file them on behalf of the dealership or creditor.

Fast. Reliable. Efficient.

Note: Please contact us for more information regarding what paperwork to bring to your appointment.

Don't let the waiting line, or paperwork, get in the way of your dream vehicle. We keep updated information in office to keep the process easy, and efficient every time. Let us help you with your title service, today!

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